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 Sandhurst Engineering is skilled in design and manufacture of all types of covers produced from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

 We can manufacture for you a range of covers for various uses such as:

    * Promotional display equipment covers to surround HD and LCD screens and plasma television and speakers; hide away wiring and cables, cover supports for ceiling or wall mounted equipment;
    * Proctective covers for various equipment, circuit boards, switching systems, display equipment, audio equipment; leg covers to enhance strength and or visual appearance, and
    * Lockable covers for use to add secuirity to display equipment, screens, pictures, large or small displays.

or TEL: 01276 684989

We can work from your drawings or sketches or by meeting with you and discussing your needs.

We have the capacity and expertise to manufacture quantities from single cover supply to larger production runs of batches of covers and can add additional materials such as glass or perspex screens if required.

As with other types of product we can offer ways of providing security fixings and a variety of finishes for your covers, such as:

    * raw material/clean finish or self colour
    * satin/dull polish finish
    * plated - zinc passivated; chrome; nickel; alocrom; anodised
    * painted and powder coating and stove enamelling;
    * silk screening, acid etching, and engraving;

or TEL: 01276 684989


 Using years of experience we can produce your custom covers, either fabricated or precision made, balancing cost and concept to produce what you require at a reasonable cost.

or TEL: 01276 684989


Covers for display equipment, decorative surround, enhanced security, access covers, lockable and secure fixing,display cases and covers, or any other type of cover, tell us what you need to do and we will provide a solution.

or TEL: 01276 684989